Arvon Writers’ Retreat with Yoga

This year's yoga and writing retreat at Totleigh Barton was a great experience. Thirteen open-minded writers came to work, eat, stretch and meditate together. Participants were free to choose how much yoga they did, and some dived in head first while others just dipped a toe. But everyone gave it a try, and I hope that most went home with something they could use at home to combat writer's block (or writer's wrist, writer's neck, writer's eye-strain...).

I'm very happy to announce that Arvon have asked me to repeat the course next year. I'll be back at Totleigh Barton from 21-26 September 2015. Booking opens Jan 2014 via the Arvon website.

Partly in response to requests from my Arvon students, I'm currently developing a set of micro-yoga-classes: five-minute breaks that you can take at your desk or in your office, to reset your posture and come back into your body during a long session at the computer. Coming soon to


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